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Industrial ovens - continuous systems, batch, vacuum, convection, bench, burn-off and lab ovens, combustion systems, ultraviolet curing systems, infrared systems, standard and custom furnaces, salt bath furnaces along with temperature control products and small heat related tools.

Wisconsin Oven Corporation
Wisconsin Oven Corporation Features industrial designed, forced convection ovens, continuous systems and furnaces for any process - every size - your solution


Lucifer Furnaces offers a wide selection of furnace lines featuring the largest choice of chamber sizes and temperature ranges. In addition to the standard furnaces, the company has excelled in specializing products to meet specific customer requirements.

Pollution Control Products Burn off oven and furnaces designed for safely removing organic materials such as: Paint & Powder Coatings, Plastics, Grease & Oil from metal parts prepairing them for reuse. Afterburner ensures Pollution Free Emissions!



Memmert specializes in in numerous universal laboratory ovens, including gravity, forced circulation, vacuum ovens and incubators for ambient and chilled applications.


Carbolite has an enviable reputation for the manufacture of quality furnaces. Carbolite is the UK's largest manufacturer of laboratory furnaces, producing a wide range of models for research and production with maximum operating temperatures up to 2000°C.

Ajax Electric Co. salt bath furnace manufacturer for lab and industrial use with temperatures between 300 and 2300ºF. Salt Bath Furnaces applications include: wash/rinse systems, rinse water and salt residue recycling and detoxification systems, exhaust systems with filters or scrubbers, material handling systems and control panels and cabinets.

Gulf Coast Environmental Regenerative Thermal & Catalytic Oxidizers (RTOs & RCOs), as well as Thermal Recuperative (TROs), Catalytic, Direct Fired (Afterburners),  Adsorption Rotor Concentrator Systems (Zeolite), Soil Remediation, Equipment (Oxidizers & Soil Vapor Extraction - SVE) Combined Heat and Power (Turbines / Waste Heat Boilers).

CompuDAS Process monitoring, data acquisition, industrial control and test automation. Senses temperature, pressure and vacuum, as well as other functions.

Infrared Solutions

Infrared Solutions & Technologies offers infrared heaters and ovens, including electric infrared, gas catalytic infrared, and complete systems.

Industrial Control Specialists Limited

ICS Limited offers temperature controls, thermocouples, all types of heaters, switching devices, sensors, and enclosures. Custom design and manufacture of small heat related tools. Upgrades and retrofits of existing thermal process equipment.

UViTron International

UViTron International provides ultraviolet curing systems from hand-held to continuous units that help reduce cycle times and conserve energy. These systems feature rapid drying and curing of adhesives, epoxies, resins, conformal coatings, silk screen inks and more.

New England Oven & Furnace
Gehnrich Oven

What happened to these companies?

To the best of our knowledge, they no longer are in business. If you are in need of parts or service for equipment from these companies, we at Torrid Enterprises will do our best to provide or direct you to someone that can assist you. If you are looking for a new piece of thermal equipment, we can certainly help you.

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